What is HitTrax?

Enhance your training with HitTrax real-time statistics and key performance metrics such as exit ball velocity, distance, pitch speed, late break of pitch, strike zone analysis, spray charts and more. The immediate feedback empowers hitters and pitchers, leading to more productive training sessions with quantitative results.

HitTrax also allows you to train while you play.  You can play games, tournaments, leagues, home run derby contests, and more!


30 Minutes HitTrax Simulator  

          $20        Drop in rate

          $14        All Star Session Value Pack


Rental is for 2 players

Data Collection



  • Pitch Velocity

  • Late Break Measurement

  • Pitch Location

  • % Strikes

  • % of Line Drives/Fly Balls/Ground Balls

  • Spray Charts

  • Batting Average Against

  • Analysis by Pitch Type

  • Strike Zone Analysis

  • Performance Trends


  • Exit Ball Velocity

  • Distance of Hit 

  • Launch Angle/Elevation

  • Batting Average

  • Hard Hit Average

  • % of Line Drives/Fly Ball/Ground Balls

  • SLG and OPS

  • Spray Charts

  • Strike Zone Analysis

Video Capture and Analysis



  • High-speed video synchronized with corresponding HitTrax data

  • Automatic recording of each swing

  • Frame-by-frame playback

  • Illustration tools

  • Side by side video comparison

  • Bookmark swings for easy reference

  • Embed voice memos and instruction notes

  • Print and email analysis right from your cage

Gaming Mode

True Entertainment


  • Simulated Games

  • Tournaments

  • Hitting Leagues

  • Home Run Derby Contests

  • Long Ball Contests


Batting Practice Mode

HitTrax Entertainment Mode

Video Capture and Analysis

Video Capture and Analysis @ Velocity

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