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Velocity Clubhouse has a wide variety of accomplished instructors at all levels of the game. Whether it is hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, or general game knowledge, our staff utilizes proven methods and techniques designed to improve an athlete’s skill set in all facets of the game.



A variety of softball clinics are offered throughout the year at Velocity Clubhouse. Clinics provide an opportunity for athletes to improve on specific and general skill sets, as well as teamwork.  Clinics are ideal for offering focused time for skills and you get the benefit of working with a trainer in a small group setting.  It’s also a great opportunity to train with friends and teammates, or to make new friends!


A variety of softball academies are offered from fall to late spring at Velocity Clubhouse. Academies are six weeks long each session and athletes participate one time per week for those six weeks.  They provide an opportunity for athletes to improve on specific and general skill sets through repetitive practice.  Our qualified trainers and former collegiate players focus on skills to get you strong and ready for the season. 



This batting simulator is a player’s dream! Use it for batting practice, home run derbies, mock games and training. Your training is enhanced by HitTrax real-time statistics and key performance metrics such as exit ball velocity, distance, pitch speed, late break of pitch, strike zone analysis, spray charts and more. The immediate feedback empowers hitters and pitchers, leading to more productive training sessions with quantitative results. ​

Open Gyms


Softball open gyms are offered at Velocity Clubhouse. Come and participate in staffed stations for hitting, pitching, and HitTrax. We offer staffed open gyms twice a week during the training season. During these open gyms, players can work on their skills and trainers will be available to provide some pointers.



Individual Lessons:

 $30 for 30 minutes and $60 for an hour.

Group Lessons:

$40 per person/60 minute session (2-4 players)

$20 per person/30 minute session (2-4 players)

*must have 2 or more athletes*


Six Packs: Buy 5 Lessons, 6th is FREE

Individual 60 minute sessions $300

Individual 30 minute sessions $150

Group 60 minute sessions $200 per person

Group 30 minute sessions $100 per person

Contact the instructor directly to schedule a lesson today!


Jessica Daley 

  • 4 year varsity Letter winner

  • 4 year varsity starter for Streamwood High School

  • 2X First Team All-Conference

  • 2x All-Area Team

  • MVP Award 2016

  • 4 year collegiate middle infielder

  • WIAC All-Conference Team 2019

  • Golden Glove Award 2019

Hitting Lessons/ Field Lessons​ -  1 Hour: $60.00

Contact for a lesson at: 630-415-8554 or daley.jessica12@gmail.com

Brook Nagorski

  • 5+ years experience coaching youth and high school softball

  • 4 year varsity pitcher for Pacelli High School

  • WIAA 2015 State Champ

  • WIAA 2017 State runner up 

  • WIAA 2nd Team All state 2015

  • WIAA All state 2016 

  • CW8 Player of the Year 2016

  • Brook enjoys helping younger girls learn the basics of pitching and helping them improve.


Pitching Lessons   1 Hour: $60.00

Contact Brook for a lesson at: 715-303-8534 or brooknagorski23@gmail.com


Sammy Buerger

  • 4 year Varsity letter winner

  • 3x First Team All-Conference 

  • 3 year Varsity starting catcher for Oshkosh North

  • 2 Year State Qualifier

  • 2017 All Star Team

  • Current collegiate player (2018-present)

Catching/Hitting Lessons  1 Hour: $60

Contact Sammy for a Lesson at: 920-573-1813 or sbuer224@uwsp.edu


Maddie Candre 

  • 4 year Varsity letter winner

  • 4x First Team All-Conference

  • 4 year Varsity starter for St. Charles East High School

  • 2x All-Area team

  • Second team All-State

  • Current collegiate player (2018-present)

Outfield/Slapping/Hitting Lessons 1 Hour: $60

Contact Maddie for a lesson at: (630) 715-2988 or Mcand893@uwsp.edu


Makenna Tkach  

  • 4 year Varsity starter at Marquette Academy High School

  •  First Team All-State

  • 3x First Team All-Conference

  • 2017 Sectional Champions

  • Current collegiate player

Pitching Lessons 1 Hour: $60

Contact Makenna for a lesson at: 815-992-0141 or mtkac862@uwsp.edu