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What Do We Do?

Your local state-of-the-art sports training center serving athletes from "Littles" all the way up to 99 yrs. old. We offer private lessons, clinics, academies, open gyms, and rentals of cages, our baseball/softball hitting simulator, and court space for volleyball and basketball. 

Our Story

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John and Kari Schultz are local business owners and parents to a college baseball player.  Watching their son play throughout the years, they and other parents noticed that other communities with access to indoor training facilities year-round had an advantage over local teams.  Thinking it would be cool to find a small space to rent for some batting cages and pitching lanes, they asked other parents if they would like to share the rent cost.  Word spread and more families wanted to be a part of the space rental. So, plans changed and John and Kari, with an advisory board of parents that belong to many other local youth sports boards, decided to make the training space available to everyone.  A larger clubhouse plan was incorporated and a full business was  

established. EB Sommers, Inc had some space available and they were willing to lease it. Velocity Clubhouse, LLC was formed in October 2016 and officially opened for business on January 9, 2017. Over 1200 athletes used the clubhouse the first year.  In 2019, John and Kari purchased the building and added a basketball and volleyball court.

News Channel 9:

Inside look at Velocity

Check out HitTrax in Batting Practice Mode!

We are a community-based organization with a volunteer advisory board of local parents, coaches, trainers and business leaders. We offer training for baseball, softball, basketball, and volleyball. We are lucky to be able to draw on local talent including past high school standout athletes; current and past college players; high school and college level coaches and other professionals. 

Velocity Clubhouse offers a state-of-the-art facility for sports training located in Stevens Point. We feature nine thousand square feet which houses batting cages, pitching lanes, a video batting simulator, a full size volleyball court, basketball court, a pro shop, parents' lounge, conference room, training offices, and much more. Volleyball, softball, basketball, and baseball lessons and clinics are offered throughout the year.


Private and group lessons, as well as clinics, are offered for instructional training at any age level. Velocity Clubhouse works with local coaches, trainers, and fitness experts to prepare your son or daughter for peak performance.


The clubhouse is open for everyone. Value Packs are available for frequent users who want to save money on rental fees and have online access to reserve cages and space. 

About Us


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