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Are you ready for the next level?

If your dream is to play college baseball, you’ve taken a great first step. Getting recruited to play college baseball, however, is certainly achievable if you know how to navigate the college recruiting process.

Getting exposure to college coaches and communicating with them can be a daunting task. We can teach you and build the tools you need to achieve your dream of competing at the collegiate level. 


Our focus is providing the tools that makes it easier for athletes and coaches to find each other, connect, communicate, and build meaningful recruiting relationships. 

Our Tools

Player Profile Page

This page is used to highlight all your skills and provide your contact information. Along with your contact information and personal data, this page will also have links to your social media, youtube channel, Field Level or Captain U account, PBR site and any other sites you wish to highlight. A link to this page is used when introducing yourself to college recruiters which will have all your content and links in one place. 

Recruiting Video

Discovery is the name of the game when it comes to college recruiting. Millions of athletes are now creating and sharing video of their athletic performance on social media and via email. In the age of technology, coaches are relying more on video to evaluate players. We use all the right tips to make sure your video is done right and provides the right content for different playing positions. We will also set-up a new YouTube channel for a periodic update clips.

FieldLevel Site

Prep Baseball Report

FieldLevel is the athletic network where coaches and athletes connect to discover, create, and pursue opportunities at the next level. We will work with athletes and their coaches to build their FieldLevel site to including athletic profiles, research and target schools, and promote athletes through our network of coaches. Profiles include an athlete evaluation by their coach, projection, and athletic measurements. Updating profiles can be done throughout the recruiting process as athletes progress.

Prep Baseball Report (PBR) has evolved into one of the country’s biggest and most respected independent scouting services, with a singular focus of providing comprehensive year-round coverage in every state we are in. The mission of the Prep Baseball Report is to scout and promote high school baseball and, ultimately, help prep athletes achieve their dreams of playing baseball at the next level.

PBR is important because they provide independent evaluations and measurements college coaches trust. PBR also ranks players in each state and provides many events college recruiters attend.

Each year we highlight important events and showcases for our players to ensure they are getting the most of what PBR has to offer.

Top 4 Recruiting Tips:


Gain as much exposure as you can

You never know what coaches will be interested in recruiting you and what scholarships are out there for you unless you set up an online sports recruiting profile and be seen.


Don’t be afraid to contact college coaches

When you do be sure to ask questions and show the coach that you a really interested in their school and sports program. No coach will respond to a message that only says "Hi Coach, you should check me out".


Take everything into account when looking at a University

Don’t just look at sports! Look at the majors offered, school location, GPA requirements etc. Make sure your top college choices are a great fit for you.


Work on your sport, but also work on your grades

Bad grades will limit the number of schools that will accept you academically, so it is very important to keep your grades up. Don’t limit your athletic recruiting options and miss out on a great school because you didn’t work hard in the classroom.

Player Profiles

We are committed to helping our players reach their goals as students, ball players, and young adults. With that vision in mind, our Player Profiles have been designed to give coaches at every level and scouts a platform to view our players and the athletic skills they possess. Please click on any of the players below to view their full profile.

Profile Page


Complete profile setup to include picture, contact information, player stats and links. Links include: Prep Baseball Report, YouTube Channel and Field Level Recruiting Site

Recruiting Video


We will take video from inside the clubhouse and on the field, weather permitting. The video can also include player provided game highlights. Each video is produced to take each players position in mind when highlighting skills. 

FieldLevel Recruiting Site

$35 per month


Includes setup, guidance getting coach's evaluation posted, and researching and targeting candidate schools. Updates and support is unlimited.

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