Is Velocity Clubhouse open?

Starting Tuesday, May 26, 2020, Velocity Clubhouse will be open Monday-Friday from 9 am – 4 pm for pre-arranged private lessons only. Please follow our Facebook page for updates regarding new programming available.

Can I rent a cage/field space/HitTrax/court space?

As of Tuesday, May 26, 2020, we are NOT open for cage, field space, HitTrax, or court space rentals and reservations. We will be scheduling private lessons only to ensure limited exposure to our athletes and to allow for proper sanitizing. As we move through the coming weeks/months, we will open more aspects of the clubhouse. Please remember that Value Packs (formerly known as memberships) will be reinstated when the clubhouse opens and functions in this way so you won’t lose any days that you paid for.

Who can be in the Clubhouse?

Starting Tuesday, May 26, 2020, we are allowing the athlete, trainer, and one adult in the space for a lesson. We ask that no additional adults or siblings attend to keep the exposure to the athlete and trainer to a minimum. Feel free to drop your athlete at the door and pick him or her up after the lesson if you feel comfortable doing so.

What cleaning measures are you taking at Velocity?

Extra cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces will be done daily. In between lessons, the trainer or staff member will be wiping down balls and other equipment that was touched by the athlete and trainer during the lesson. If you wish to bring your own balls, feel free to do so.

Are you going to take my temperature?

We will not be taking temperatures when you enter the clubhouse. If you are not feeling well for any reason, please don’t enter the clubhouse and feel free to reschedule the appointment.

When will I be able to reserve cages/field space/HitTrax?

We don’t have a definite answer at this point. We will continue to monitor the local and state conditions and follow the local, state, and CDC guidelines for safety.

I am coughing or sneezing, but it is just allergies.  Can I still come to Velocity?

For the comfort of all in these uncertain times, we ask that if you are coughing for any reason (more than just a normal cough to clear your throat) that you DO NOT COME TO THE CLUBHOUSE. Even if it is allergies, it makes everyone around you very uncomfortable in present circumstances.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our normal policy for cancelling a private lesson is to contact the trainer no later than 8 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. It is also our policy to charge $20.00 for any client that fails to contact the trainer 8 hours prior to the appointment or fails to show. This policy is still in place unless cancellation is due to suspected COVID-19 symptoms.

What if I feel sick and it’s already inside the time frame for a refund?

CALL US! We would much rather keep our clients and staff safe than take a chance. We are being extremely flexible with refunds due to the extenuating circumstances.

When is your office open?

During this first phase of re-opening for private lessons, we will be in the office Monday-Friday from 9 am - 4pm. We will not be open in the evenings or on weekends. Hours may change as we move forward and revise the clubhouse activities. *Please note that we operate another business out of the Velocity Clubhouse physical location and at times may have up to five additional people in the building.

Can I still come into the office to take care of my bill or purchase swag?

The front desk will be open from 9am – 4pm, Monday through Friday. We ask that only one adult enter the building with the athlete for business transactions. A miniature Pro-Shop will be on display in the lobby near the front desk for apparel and equipment purchases. *Please note that we operate another business out of the Velocity Clubhouse physical location and at times may have up to five additional people in the building.

How many people will be in the clubhouse at a time?

Please note that we operate another business out of the Velocity Clubhouse physical location and at times may have up to five additional people in the building in the various offices. Athletes in for private lessons will be one-on-one with the trainer and may have an additional person (parent or adult) there to observe. Please don’t bring additional adults or children to the lesson. Feel free to drop your athlete at the front door and pick him or her up after the lesson is completed.

Will the clubhouse staff be wearing masks?

Velocity Clubhouse staff will not be required to wear masks. If you are more comfortable with your trainer wearing a mask during a lesson, please discuss that directly with him or her.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Velocity Clubhouse does not require staff or athletes to wear masks. If you feel more comfortable, please wear one. If you prefer your trainer to wear one, please make that request with him or her.

Is the Upper Lounge open to hang out in?

In this early phase of re-opening, we will not have the Upper Lounge open. It is one less space to keep clean. We ask that you come within five minutes of the start of your lesson and leaving the building within five minutes of the lesson ending time. We need the time before and after to clean and sanitize and we want to maintain social distancing and minimal person-to-person interaction.

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